ritual & practice

I am honored to lead Jewish-inspired lifecycle ritual and practice. If you are interested in collaborating for an event and/or process, please be in touch!

Here are a few examples of people I have worked with in the past:

Birth //

Michal planned a beautiful birth blessing gathering for me before I had my son. As a first time mom, it was an invaluable experience that I didn’t know I needed. Who wouldn’t feel brave to jump into the unknown world of birth and motherhood with all your closest friends telling me one by one why I’m going to be a great mom. In the middle of the darkest covid restrictions, she gathered a group of friends on Zoom, but made it feel like we were all in the room together. Michal led songs and shared meaningful insights on birth and motherhood and had clearly spent time prepping those who joined and her own part, so it was a smooth and calming experience. Michal is an expert group facilitator who brings kindness and thoughtfulness to any group event. She’s just the best!

Brooke Rothman; First-Time Mom; Birth Blessing

Coming of Age //

Michal was bat mitzvah madricha for both our our daughters, Natalya and Tamar. Both experiences were productive and wonderful, for all concerned. The bat mitzvah process is, in large part, about welcoming a child into an adult role in the Jewish community. Michal was a fantastic guide for both of our daughters – nurturing and encouraging them, and challenging them when it was needed. She worked studiously to prepare lessons for them, to get them to examine scripture with a critical eye, and to understand their historic role in fighting for a just world. Carolyn and I are incredibly amazed by, and proud of, our two smart, strong young women. Michal certainly has played an important role in who they’ve become and are becoming, and we are forever grateful to her for that.

Jonathan Rosenblum

Union //

Michal has a depth of knowledge and thoughtfulness that made learning about Jewish rituals feel accessible and fun! She was our wedding doula and helped us to bring meaningful and grounding moments into our wedding planning process, that otherwise was feeling a bit stressful. 2 years later I am still so grateful for the rituals she facilitated for us. They are some of my favorite wedding memories!

Emily G

Grief, Loss & Transition //

I spoke to Michal because I knew she had great background and experience thinking about Jewish rituals for life cycle events. While there are certain rituals proscribed by Jewish tradition, I wanted to tailor one to my own needs. She helped me figure out what parallels I wanted to draw with my wedding experience in order to demonstrate the end of the relationship. Through a few conversations we brainstormed ideas of what to do and came to a wonderful conclusion a few weeks later.

Brian C, Teacher